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Start Service Residential Requirements

Some service requests cannot be completed online. Please call Customer Service at 352-334-3434 during regular business hours if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are an international resident.
  • You are requesting a same-day connection (limited availability, additional $40).
  • You are requesting a meter installation for new construction (at least 15 business days' notice is required).

The following information is needed to complete your application:

  • Legal name of primary account holder
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Driver's license number (optional)
  • Date of birth (min. age 18)
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Mailing address
  • Bank account/routing number
    (if automatic payment option is desired)

All available services will be displayed automatically based on the address you enter on your application. Please select all services listed for that location to ensure your application is processed quickly.

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Garbage collection (refuse)*
  • Stormwater*

*Provided by City of Gainesville

By submitting the online application for utility service, you acknowledge and agree to GRU's terms and conditions.

  1. City agrees to furnish available utility service to applicant at address stated herein under the same standards as generally provided to all customer receiving like services, and applicant agrees to take and pay for utility services applied for as available.
  2. City has adopted a Bill Dispute Procedure which affords the applicant a reasonable opportunity to dispute any bill by contacting the Customer Service Division. If efforts to resolve the problem are not successful, applicant may request a Review of Bill Dispute with the Director of Customer Operations or his/her designee by calling 352-334-3434 or toll- free 1‑800‑818‑3436.
  3. City has adopted special provisions to assist customers with medically essential electric service when the lack of utilities may be life threatening. Annual physician certification required.
  4. Applicant agrees to pay for utilities furnished according to the existing rate schedule or any applicable rate schedule subsequently adopted.
  5. Applicant understands that service may be withheld or disconnected if prior indebtedness to the City for service has not been paid in full and that failure to receive a bill from the City for service rendered shall not diminish applicant's obligation.
  6. Applicant understands and agrees that an unpaid balance of any account of applicant may be transferred to this or any other utility account of applicant for immediate payment.
  7. Applicant agrees to abide with all applicable City ordinances, policies and procedures dealing with utilities as may from time to time be amended, whether within or outside the corporate limits of the city.
  8. Applicant understands that if payment of monthly bills is unsatisfactory, the City may require a new or additional deposit at any time to secure payment of current bills and that if the additional deposit is not paid, service may be denied or discontinued, as appropriate.
  9. Applicant understands and agrees that when service is discontinued, any deposit on the account will be applied to the final balance and applicant is indebted to the City for any unpaid balance. Any credit balance will be refunded to applicant by mail.
  10. Applicant agrees to pay additional charges equal to the cost of collection, including collection agency, attorney's fees and court costs if this amount is placed in the hands of any agency or attorney for collection or legal actions because of default in payment of any amount due.
  11. Applicant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the City from and against any and all liability or loss in any manner directly or indirectly growing out of the transmission and use of electrical energy, gas, telecommunication, water or wastewater by applicant at or on the applicant's side of the point of delivery or connection.
  12. Agents signing the application on behalf of principles hereby represent and warrant that they are authorized to execute the application and agree they will be jointly and severally liable with their principles under the terms of this application.
  1. Deposits or financial assurance will be applied against the account balance after 24 months if a satisfactory payment record has been maintained.
  2. Interest on deposits held for at least 6 months will be credited monthly and upon refund of the deposit.
  3. The deposit is intended to be an advance payment for future services and will be available to satisfy any outstanding debt for utility services on closed accounts.
  4. Deposits are not transferable to other persons or companies.